Praise for In Search of Powder


In Search of Powder by Jeremy Evans is funny, irreverent,  hedonistic, saucy, insightful, and ski-obsessed. Much like the ski bums  detailed within.”—Rob Story, editor at large of Powder and Skiing magazines

"A provocative new book."—Sam McManis, Sacramento Bee

"[A] superb book about ski towns like ours."—George Shirk, Mammoth Times

"Evans'  book chronicles all this in fine details, gathered over several seasons  of boarding and interviewing. He has all the history, all the names and  all the places. If you're an ex-ski bum, this is required reading. If  you remember those days, ditto. Or if you just like tales of men and  women on the edge, give it a read. And keep an eye out for Evans, he's  still riding our slopes."—Sam Bauman, Nevada Appeal

"In Search of Powder  is a comprehensive, well-written and well-reasoned homage to a  lifestyle that many of us yearn for, secretly or otherwise."—Ted  Holteen, Durango Herald

"Evans tells the story of  quintessentially American characters—rejecting materialism, taking  risks, following their own paths—and of the glories and pitfalls their  lifestyles present."—ForeWord e-newsletter

About the book

This is Evans’s paean to the disappearing culture of the ski bum, a culture with a simple mantra: Ski as much as possible.

But because of an American West transformed by rising real estate costs, an immigrant  workforce, misguided values, and corporate-owned resorts, the ski bum is becoming an endangered species. 

Praise for The Battle for Paradise

 "Don't miss this uplifting tale of fantastic surfing, saving the  environment, and a greedy company's efforts to expand their business at  all costs—all in our sleepy little southern town of Pavones."—Carol  Blair Vaughn, Costa Rica Star

"A valuable addition to surf historiography. . . . Enjoyable and well-told narrative."—Tolga Ozyurtcu, Sport in American History

“Congratulations  to Jeremy Evans for telling the truest story so far about Pavones, the  iconic end-of-the-road place where human greed and conflict threatened  to destroy exactly what brought people there.”—Drew Kampion,  award-winning author and former editor of Surfer and Surfing magazines

“Jeremy  Evans tells the true story of surfers, tuna, drug lords, and jungle  fever in the backwaters and blue bays of Costa Rica. For anyone who has  traveled the surf coast of Central America, The Battle for Paradise is a must-read.”—Serge Dedina, executive director of Wildcoast and author of Wild Sea and Surfing the Border

“The  waves of Pavones rifle down a long left-hand point break, and for this  reason they have become some of the most iconic waves in Costa Rica.  However, as incredible as the waves are, the story behind the town is  what will truly leave you gasping for air.”—Kyle Thiermann, professional  surfer 

“Pavones, Costa Rica, lay in a bucolic  slumber until an entrepreneurial American smuggler with a Napoleon  complex paid cash for a county-sized chunk of its surf-swept coast and  made himself king. Things spiraled out of control from there, subsiding  into a tropical stew of escapists, surfers, squatters, greed, and long,  clean lefts.”—Steve Pezman, publisher of the Surfer’s Journal 

About the book

In this harrowing but ultimately inspiring story set in Pavones, Costa Rica, Evans tells the story of a colorful cast of characters with an unyielding love for the ocean and surfing, a company’s unscrupulous efforts to expand  profits, and a government that nearly sold out the perfect wave.